Let us remotely monitor your compressed air system

MonitAIRMonitAIR® is a remote monitoring service that ensures that your compressed air system is running at peak efficiency and reliability. MonitAIR® is like having an expert compressor technician watching your machines 24 hours a day.

Easy to use

MonitAIR® hooks your compressors to our remote service department via the Internet.

Peace of Mind

With Air Technologies®, you have the largest factory trained service team in the Midwest monitoring your compressors, assuring that your equipment is running at peak efficiency and reliability.

Cost Savings

You get the benefits of our dedicated compressor experts, as well as monthly comprehensive status reports. MonitAIR® simply takes the headaches out of operating a cost-efficient compressed air system.

MonitAIR® saves you money

MonitAIR® gives you comprehensive 24-hour automatic remote monitoring of compressor operating pressures and temperatures, compressor cooling efficiency, operating hours and maintenance requirements.

  • Logs all measured data to database with built-in trending and graphing functions
  • Includes monthly service reports
  • Offers automatic technician paging via email or text when service is required
  • Allows for capability to diagnose many of the most common compressor problems remotely without having to send a service technician
  • Immediately alerts personnel if a problem occurs — both warnings and shutdowns
  • Allows Air Technologies® technicians to bring the right components, parts, and tools
  • Provides remote reset and restart, when possible
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime — saving you substantial money in lost productivity
  • Automatically schedules maintenance services; maintenance performed according to machine requirements – not just a calendar schedule
  • Allows Air Technologies® technicians, when possible, to explain repair instructions by phone — reducing downtime and saving service call expense

Advanced Reliability You Can Count On

In the event of a compressor problem during normal working hours (warning or shutdown), our MonitAIR® system will transmit all of the critical compressor data to our service team for immediate attention. We will analyze the data and contact you with a plan of action. More importantly, with all the data gathered daily from each compressor, we can head off costly downtime by spotting problems before your compressors go down. MonitAIR® allows you to take a proactive approach to maintaining your compressed air system. For those clients on a Service Contract, maintenance is performed on an “as needed” basis, not based on a time schedule, thereby minimizing costs while maximizing reliability.

Rely on the experts at Air Technologies® for all your compressed air needs.