Reduce your project cost and improve system reliability

The Air Technologies® Compressed Air Module is a pre-engineered and assembled compressed air facility with all of the necessary accessory components included and installed to ensure proper operation. This modular system saves valuable floor space, significantly reduces project costs, improves system reliability, lowers maintenance costs, provides excellent maintenance access, greatly simplifies installation, and, if necessary, can be relocated in the future.

What can ModulAIR® do for your company?

Save valuable floor space

  • Use your plant floor space for production equipment and not air compressors
  • Eliminate the cost of building or expanding an existing compressor room

Reduces maintenance costs

  • Lower operating temperatures with proper ventilation/filtration
  • Keep coolers clean with proper building filtration
  • Ensure that oil, air filters and separators last longer
  • Remove equipment from dirty, hot plant environments

Eliminates design engineering cost

  • Access compressed air system for proper maintenance
  • Ventilate system for winter and summer operation
  • Include all electrical requirements

Saves energy

  • Decentralize compressors to reduce piping losses
  • Include optional heat recovery


  • Include option to decentralize system, if necessary
  • Designed to allow ModulAIR® to be moved at a later date, if necessary

What is included with ModulAIR®?

  • Module that houses compressors and dryer units to protect them from the elements
  • Heavy duty industrial construction
  • Attractive smooth wall exterior
  • Installation of compressed air equipment (i.e. compressors, dryers, etc.)
  • Free-standing module cooling air intake filtration assemblies to pre-filter the compressors and dryer cooling and intake air
  • Thermostatically-controlled powered re-circulation louvers, ductwork, and/or ventilation fans for fully automatic module temperature control
  • Ductwork with gravity discharge dampers for hot compressor cooling air discharge
  • Air piping header system with individual compressor isolation valves for a single point customer connection
  • Condensate piping with heat tracing for a single point, ½-inch copper tube connection
  • All electrical components, wiring and installation
  • Lighting
  • 110V electrical outlets
  • Space heaters
  • Safety disconnects for compressors
  • Single phase transformer and electrical panel
  • Thermostats for powered louvers

Customize your ModulAIR® unit with:

  • Additional man doors
  • Large double doors
  • Heat recovery into plant
  • Additional space for future equipment
  • Installation of non-compressor systems
  • Installation of ManagAIR® controls

ModulAIR® Vs. New Construction

A ModulAIR® compressed air system can be decentralized from your plant, which reduces risk. Multiple locations lessen your operating costs and improve your system pressure balance. Additionally, ModulAIR® improves or eliminates piping pressure drop problems and reduces plant header size and cost. And it’s reliable: If one site loses its power supply, you don’t lose your entire compressed air system. A ModulAIR® system can be phased in at your plant site, and it can be moved at a later date during plant expansions.

Rely on the experts at Air Technologies® for all your compressed air needs.