Monitor and control your compressed air system

Developed and used by Air Technologies® compressor technicians for our DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, ManagAIR® is simply the most advanced, yet easy-to-use system available today for controlling and monitoring an industrial, multiple air compressor system. It’s a state-of-the-art computerized system that centrally monitors and controls your compressed air system 24 hours a day. This system will minimize the time that you and your personnel spend in the compressor room while significantly reducing energy costs, maintenance costs and downtime.

How It Works

Simply connect your air compressors to an existing Ethernet (LAN) and ManagAIR® will centrally monitor, operate and control your compressed air system from a LAN-connected PC. ManagAIR® will provide central monitoring and automatic data logging of all of the operating conditions of the connected equipment, freeing up your maintenance personnel’s valuable time.

A powerful graphing function allows for easy trending and analysis of the data to maximize system efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and minimize unscheduled downtime. ManagAIR® will calculate and data log your system’s total compressed air flow rate providing you with the information that you need to effectively and efficiently manage your fourth utility, compressed air. ManagAIR® can immediately alert your personnel (or Air Technologies® with our optional MonitAIR® service) via an alphanumeric pager, email and/or fax of a system alarm or compressor warning/shutdown condition to insure prompt attention. If a compressor shutdown occurs, the operating conditions at the time of shutdown are saved and can be reviewed remotely through ManagAIR® to speed diagnosis and repair.

Cutting Your Air Costs

ManagAIR® will sequence your air compressors at peak efficiency, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in power costs. Either use the air system flow data to determine the most efficient compressor sequence order for your plant’s production periods and set up ManagAIR® to automatically change the compressor sequence to a settable order, day and time, or let our optional Energy Optimization mode determine the most efficient compressor sequence based on compressed air usage. ManagAIR® will even fax or email you a daily report with each compressor’s operating data and upcoming maintenance intervals along with a graph of the previous 24-hour’s system flow rate and pressure. What could be easier?

As an option, ManagAIR® can be customized to monitor and control air dryers, pumps, fans, louvers, valves and other equipment to provide complete and comprehensive control of your compressed air system. If you have a plant-wide CMMS system, we can provide data output and/or control input capabilities in your system’s required format or protocol at a convenient centralized point. With ManagAIR® operating, maintaining and controlling your compressed air system, peak reliability and efficiency has never been easier!

The Benefits of ManagAIR®

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive centralized remote compressor monitoring and control
  • Total system compressed air flow rate
  • Auto data logging of all compressor and system data points including system flow rate
  • Graphing of logged data
  • Remote control of compressors
  • Remote compressor diagnostic capabilities
  • Automatic daily system information and maintenance intervals via fax or email
  • Automatic daily system flow and pressure graphs via fax or email
  • Automatic paging, faxing and/or emailing system to alert plant personnel of a compressor warning or shutdown
  • Easy installation via customer’s existing Ethernet

Multiple Air Compressor Sequencing

  • Efficiently sequence all connected air compressors no matter where they are installed in the plant
  • Final system pressure can be maintained within 5-10 psig under all load conditions
  • Minimizes final system pressure fluctuations improving plant production
  • Random sequencing capabilities with ManagAIR®.
  • Sequence basis order can be switched automatically to a customer’s settable day/time schedule to match production schedules
  • Operates system at optimum efficiency by base loading all but one trim unit at full load

ManagAIR® Presentation

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