Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Find low prices on used air compressors and system components

All used equipment has been examined by our experienced professional technicians and repaired or reconditioned where necessary. The condition of equipment and availability of warranties vary. Please contact Air Technologies® for further information.

GA250-125 460V AIF041843 335 Atlas Copco compressor Cincinnati
GA90VSDFF AII494787 125 Atlas Copco compressor Cincinnati PDF
GA75-125FF 460V API618834 100 Atlas Copco compressor Cincinnati
GA75-125 460V sn HOL030796 100 Atlas Copco compressor Pittsburgh PDF
GA30-125 460AP AII368747 40 Atlas Copco compressor Grand Rapids PDF
GA30VSDAP 460V API429623 40 Atlas Copco compresso Cincinnati PDF
GA22-150 460AP CAI856990 30 Atlas Copco compressor Cleveland PDF
GA18VSD+ 200FF API832766 25 Atlas Copco compressor Detroit
GA11VSD+ 230FF API257011 15 Atlas Copco compressor Detroit
AR10-120HD 460V HOP330444 10 Atlas Copco compressor Cincinnati PDF
GA5-125 460TAP CAI718684 7.5 Atlas Copco tank mounted compressor Pittsburgh PDF
GX5-150 230TFF sn CAI911343 7.5 Atlas Copco compressor Pittsburgh PDF
GX4-150 230TFF CAI383764 5 Atlas Copco compressor Detroit
CD50+ sn API095175 115v Atlas Copco heatless desiccant dryer Indianapolis
DRD2400 398162110001 Dominik Hunter refrigerated dryer Cincinnati PDF

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