Unique Piping Design Saves Big Money on Electric Bill

Unique Piping Design Saves Big Money on Electric Bill

Modern design and configuration of compressor room interconnecting piping, combined with an economical, efficient, compressed air piping system, reduced the energy cost over 50% to supply the compressed air power/energy at this plant.

A beverage bottling plant had three oil-cooled rotary screw compressors as its primary air supply. One 150-hp, 750-acfm at 100 psig at 129 kW unit served as base load with two 75-hp class, 360-acfm at 100 psig at 63 kW units as trim compressors.

The average flow during production demand was 700 acfm at 105 psig with peaks to 820 acfm. Production ran 85 hours per week or 4,420 hours per year. Sanitation ran 35 hours per week or 1,820 hours per year. Non-production ran 48 hours per week or 2,496 hours per year. (Compressed air was required during the weekends.)

The Problem
When the 150-hp compressor was able to run base load during production, everything was fine. Usually during the first hour of the production shift, the demand would exceed 150-hp supply, the first trim unit (No. 2) would come on, and the 150-hp unit would now short cycle and average about 50% to 60% load (375 acfm to 450 acfm). The trim unit and the base load unit now run all the time at mostly part load. The plan was for the trim unit to come on line, add air as required, unload, and then turn off. The peak load occurs less than 10% of the time.

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