Two manufacturers reduce expansion costs with ModulAIR®

Two manufacturers reduce expansion costs with ModulAIR®

Air Technologies® has helped manufacturers save thousands of dollars and precious production floor space with ModulAIR®, a compressed air module completely engineered and assembled outside a plant with all the necessary accessory components included, installed and ready to operate.

Air Technologies® customer Sulzer Metco was expanding its operation and adding a new G250 300 hp compressor to its site, along with a PPC HBP dryer and filtration. The company considered constructing a conventional building to house its compressed air equipment until it visited a site currently using ModulAIR®. When comparing the cost and value of the two options, Sulzer Metco found that the conventional building with all the inner workings of a ModulAIR® unit was almost double the cost to build. Sulzer Metco soon became a ModulAIR® customer, ultimately saving money and improving its bottom line.

Currently, Air Technologies® is helping customer Arch Coal reduce costs by installing a ModulAIR® facility, with plans to install three more. Arch Coal uses compressed air to operate diaphragm pumps underground in an ever-expanding coal mine. Using only an electric rental compressor, they were looking to buy or rent a few large compressors to meet growing demands. They set out to build a new structure to house their compressed air equipment and soon discovered that the cost of a ducting package alone was over one-third the cost of ModulAIR®. Air Technologies® found a cost-effective solution for Arch Coal’s continued growth. Arch Coal plans to install four ModulAIR® units with a GA 315 compressor, FX20 dryer, receiver tanks and CRP packs. Arch Coal is also considering the installation of TransAIR® piping to feed air to the pumps. This solution gives Arch Coal the room to grow while reducing operational costs.

As manufacturers continue to grow, they resolve to reclaim valuable floor space by moving their compressor room outside of the plant. The price of building a modular compressor room quickly escalates with installation costs for proper ducting, ventilation, air filtration and room recirculation dampeners. Fortunately, Air Technologies®’ ModulAIR® can free space in your plant with an air module that incorporates all the necessary components already installed—at half the cost of a conventional building.

Many Air Technologies® customers looking to expand operations and save money have found a cost-effective solution in ModulAIR®. Contact Air Technologies® to cut costs and gain floor space with our modular compressed air solution!