Total team support from Air Technologies® wins two-year service contract

Total team support from Air Technologies® wins two-year service contract


A customer recently enlisted Air Technologies® to assist in diagnosing performance issues with dryers. The customer was so happy with the level of service and quality provided by Air Technologies®, that they signed a two-year service agreement.

The customer, who was working with another vendor at the time, discovered performance issues with its dryers but the vendor was unable to identify the problem and fix the dryers. The customer began using a rental dryer to keep operations moving. Unhappy with its vendor’s overall performance and compressed air maintenance, the customer called Air Technologies® to assist.

Air Technologies® sent a technician and service team to the customer’s site. After inspecting the dryers, Air Technologies® determined that repairs would be too costly and recommended the purchase of new Atlas Copco refrigerated dryers. Due to the knowledge, support and service from Air Technologies®, the customer didn’t hesitate and followed the recommendations. Air Technologies® removed the rental dryer and replaced it with two new Atlas Copco FX17 dryers.

Since the installation of the dryers, the customer enlisted Air Technologies® again to inspect two Kaeser 125 Horsepower (HP) compressors and provide the needed service. Air Technologies® rebuilt the cooling fan motor and changed the oil and air filter. The customer was so satisfied with the service and support, they asked to enter into a two-year service agreement with Air Technologies® to maintain their air compressors and air dryers.

Overall, the customer is happy with the total team support that Air Technologies® has provided, and is looking forward to a continued partnership, quality products and significant energy savings.

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