These Five Simple Questions Could Drastically Improve Operations at Your Plant!

Does your compressed air system meet all of your plant’s needs?

It’s crucial that plant managers take stock of their compressed air system to ensure production is smooth and downtime is minimal to allow the team in the plant to focus on producing high-quality output and less scrap. This is why Air Technologies® has created a simple test to help you evaluate your compressed air system:

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    Is 100% reliability critical to your plant’s success?
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    Are you facing a large compressed air related capital investment?
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    Is your current compressor system extremely inefficient?
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    Are you experiencing excessive compressed air maintenance, repair and rental costs?
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    Is poor quality air causing production downtime and/or high scrap costs?

If you answered yes to three or more of the following questions, then your plant needs to discover the DirectAIR® difference!

Make the switch today for these additional benefits!

    • Air Technologies® Accountability — At Air Technologies®, your compressed air total satisfaction is guaranteed.
    • Proven ReliabilityDirectAIR® has provided customers with over 10 million hours of reliable operations and high-quality, clean compressed air. Make sure your plant is next!
    • Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance — With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® installs a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility inside or outside of your site. We install, operate and maintain this compressed air system. We even provide extra monitoring at the highest level with ManagAIR®, our advanced, easy-to-use system for controlling and monitoring compressed air systems.
    • Save Time and MoneyDirectAIR® supplies your plant with 100% reliable compressed air, eliminating downtime. Additionally, DirectAIR® removes the stress of expensive capital outlay, maintenance and rental costs.

If your plant didn’t pass our compressed air test, it’s time to invest in DirectAIR®! Contact us to find out more!