Thermal Image Update


This is a thermal image of a fused disconnect switch that was taken by one of our service technicians. The customer called us in for emergency service due to the compressor shutting down on motor overload. It was quickly determined that the customer had a fuse blown and it was immediately replaced. Upon start up and after performing a complete inspection of the compressor and the electrical supply… the true “Root Cause” of the problem was found at the fused disconnect. The disconnect switch had faulty lugs on L3 causing extremely high temperatures on the L3 fuse and wiring causing a premature failure of the fuse. This, in turn, caused a single phase condition for the compressor which caused the com pressor safety device (motor overload) to shut the unit down. The customer was very pleased to know that they did not have a problem with the compressor and that we were able to show them the true root cause of the failure.

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