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DirectAIR® has your plant 100% covered.

Your plant deserves the best. Eliminate downtime and save valuable time, money and energy with the compressed air solution that will never let you down! Air Technologies® DirectAIR® utility service has supplied customers with more than 10 million hours of continuous, reliable operations. Don’t settle for inefficiency at your facility — choose DirectAIR® and watch production skyrocket!

DirectAIR® is the best solution for your plant!

  • All-inclusive Solution — With DirectAIR®, the compressed air system facility, engineering, equipment, installation and monitoring are included as a part of the utility service.
  • Energize Your SavingsDirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most energy-efficient equipment and controls available on the market. Customers have saved over $150 million in energy cost savings!
  • Eliminate Down TimeDirectAIR® supplies a continuous, clean, high-quality air supply on demand.

DirectAIR® is the stress-free compressed air solution!
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