Switch Your Compressor Equipment for a 100% Reliable Air Supply

W0rry-free 100% reliable compressed air
Tired of unpredictability? Alleviate your frustrations with a 100% reliable supply of compressed air flow, pressure and dewpoint. With DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, Air Technologies® takes total system responsibility and supplies, installs, operates and maintains the new air compressor system at no capital expense to you.

Your 4th Utility Service

As a DirectAIR® customer, you need to provide only the necessary land and utility hookups. Air Technologies® will install its own dedicated compressed air facility on your site. Like a utility, DirectAIR® bills monthly for utility use and consumption of compressed air. It’s that simple.

Count on DirectAIR® compressed air utility service for:

  • Guaranteed 100% reliability
  • Modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls
  • Sustainable productivity
  • Clean, quality air supply
  • Continuous energy savings
  • No emergency rental costs
  • Lowest overall compressed air cost
  • No maintenance costs

Stop worrying about your compressed air equipment, maintenance, repair or parts — make DirectAIR® your fourth utility. Let Air Technologies® take total system responsibility and supply all the air you need.

Contact our experts today to learn more about replacing your air compressor equipment with 100% reliable DirectAIR®!