Stress-free management and optimization of compressed air systems

worry-free compressed air

Air Technologies®’ DirectAIR® compressed air utility service eliminates the burden of managing, monitoring, operating, maintaining and investing in compressed air systems. With DirectAIR®Air Technologies® supplies, installs, operates and maintains a state-of-the-art modular compressed air facility outside of a company’s plant. All the company needs to provide is the necessary land and utilities — it’s that easy!

DirectAIR® supplies guaranteed high-quality, clean, dry compressed air and bills a monthly utility use and consumption fee similar to what a manufacturer gets from an electrical power supplier.

Think of all the stress DirectAIR® could take off your shoulders:

  • Never buy another air compressor or dryer
  • Never issue another purchase order for repairs, rentals or maintenance of compressors
  • Never worry about product scrap or lost production due to low air pressure or poor air quality
  • Keep talented employees focused on plant production needs and not compressed air issues

Air Technologies® will Customize a Compressed Air Solution for Every Customer

Compressed Air System Control
A software and hardware control package designed to automatically monitor, control and improve the efficiency of the compressed air system.

Remote Monitoring Service
Air Technologies® provides in-house, 24-hour remote monitoring services to keep compressed air systems at peak operating conditions.

Compressed Air System Audit
An ongoing, customized compressed air system performance graph allows you to properly analyze your results, allowing you to make improvements in your compressed air usage.

Modular Compressed Air Plant
A pre-engineered and assembled compressed air plant with all components included and installed for proper operation.

Contact us today and let Air Technologies® take total system responsibility and remove unnecessary compressed-air woes.