The New Look of Efficiency

GX Series Air Compressor

spring blowout sale atlas copco gx11 air compressor on sale now at Air Technologies®

  • Sleek and Soundless: Operates at 61-74 dB(A).
  • Tough and Tireless: Provides 24/7 continuous duty.
  • Flexible and Functional: Installs as floor or tank mounted, with or without integrated dryer.
  • Enhanced and Efficient: Operates at high efficiency with low energy costs.


GX4-150TFF (16 cfm @ 150 psig) $5,557
GX5-150TFF (21 cfm @ 150 psig) $6,167
GX7-125TFF (36 cfm @ 125 psig) $7,470

(Installation, freight, and applicable sales taxes not included.)

Spring into Savings

GA VSD+ Series Air Compressor

Spring blowout sale GA15 VSD on sale now with Air Tecnologies®

  • Absolutely Precise: Operates with no idling time—Variable Speed Drive (VSD) comes as standard.
  • Purposely Economical: Reduces energy consumption by an average 50%.
  • Expertly Designed: Frees space with innovative, vertical design.
  • Reliably Built: Increases uptime with fewer components.
  • Efficiently Superior: Averages 20% lower Specific Energy Requirement (SER) than current GA VSD models.
  • Powerfully Effective: Outperforms IE3 efficiency levels with iPM technology (up to 94.5%).


GA7VSD+FF (15-46 cfm @ 100-175 psig) $11,311
GA11VSD+FF (15-68 cfm @ 100-175 psig) $12,474
GA15VSD+FF (15-87 cfm @ 100-175 psig) $16,914

(Installation, freight, and applicable sales taxes not included.)

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