Service Agreements Add Value and Life to Your Compressor System

Service Agreements Add Value and Life to Your Compressor System

Well maintained equipment actually saves you money. When your equipment is well maintained it lasts longer, runs better, looks better, operates more efficiently and has less chance to break down.

The following are the four maintenance types:

Breakdown Maintenance: Most Expensive Type of Maintenance

  • You fix it when it breaks
  • Most expensive (the fix controls you, you do not control the fix)
  • Worst efficiency – wastes money!
  • Worst equipment life cycle
  • Lowest satisfaction level

Preventive Maintenance: Standard Service Agreement

  • Components are replaced based on calendar or run time hours
  • Provides long equipment life
  • Provides good reliability & satisfaction level

Equipment Monitoring: Can be added to Standard Agreements

  • Monitor critical operating parameters to protect equipment
  • Can alert you when critical operating parameters are out of specification to prevent unplanned shutdowns
  • Helps maximize life of maintenance components
  • Should be used in conjunction with a preventive maintenance program
  • Provides greater confidence in equipment operating conditions by alerting key personnel BEFORE a shutdown occurs

Precision Maintenance: Lowest Total Cost

  • Utilizes years of experience to put together a comprehensive preventive maintenance program (known life expectancy of components, etc.)
  • Monitor equipment critical operating parameters to maximize component life and to prevent nuisance shutdowns
  • Provides longest component life, equipment life, best operating efficiency, lowest equipment life cycle costs & happy customers

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