Screw Compressor Helps Tire Manufacturer Save Energy Costs and Earn Energy Rebate

A Midwestern-based manufacturer of commercial, fleet, retail tire and wheel reconditioning products and services was operating two 50 HP air compressors in a load/unload control scheme to meet the facility’s compressed air demands. Due to a lack of storage, inefficient controls and unexpected spikes in air demands, the air compressors often operated unloaded, wasting significant amounts of energy and leading to premature failure and costly maintenance of the control valves.

The customer turned to the compressed air experts at Air Technologies® for a more reliable and energy-efficient solution.

At no cost, Air Technologies® performed a one-week-long compressed air system survey and identified three major improvements to the customer’s system. First, Air Technologies® installed a new Atlas Copco GA37 VSD+ screw air compressor to better meet the customer’s air demands. Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, the Atlas Copco GA37 VSD+ compressor automatically adjusts its motor speed to accommodate varying compressed air demands. Second, Air Technologies® recommended that the customer add 400 gallons of storage to allow for the customer’s compressed air system to more effectively react to spikes in air demands common in the tire retread process. Third, Air Technologies® installed a new, energy-efficient compressed air dryer.

Following a post-installation audit, Air Technologies® confirmed that the compressed air system improvements resulted in a 61 percent annual energy savings — worth $20,855. The customer also earned an energy rebate of $15,520 from its local electric utility. The upgrades resulted in the tire manufacturer reaching a break-even point on their investment just 14 months after installation.

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