Save Valuable Time, Money and Energy with DirectAIR Utility Service!

DirectAIR® provides industry-leading compressed air solutions.

Give your plant the gift of 100% reliable, high-quality compressed air this holiday season with DirectAIR® utility service! With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® owns, installs and maintains all compressed air equipment and systems in a facility outside of your plant. Equipped with modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls, DirectAIR® is the ultimate cost-efficient, energy-saving compressed air solution.

’Tis the season to save with DirectAIR®!

  • Cost SavingsDirectAIR® utility service eliminates repair, maintenance and emergency rental costs, ultimately saving your plant money.
  • Energy EfficiencyDirectAIR® customers typically save up to 50% in energy costs within the first year of production and may also be eligible for energy rebates.
  • 100% ReliableDirectAIR® utility service has supplied companies with more than 9 million hours of reliable operations. Experience worry-free, reliable, clean compressed air, 24/7/365.

Make the right choice for your plant this holiday season and reap the benefits in the new year! Contact Air Technologies® and discover the benefits DirectAIR® utility service!