When it comes to your compressed air, rest easy with DirectAIR®

When it comes to your compressed air, rest easy with DirectAIR®



The Air Technologies® Utility Services Team developed DirectAIR® over 20 years ago and has been providing high quality compressed air to more than 100 fortune 500 companies with over 6 million hours of operation without a single hour of lost production due to low pressure. The compressed air generation sites are owned, operated, monitored and maintained by the Air Technologies® team and provide customers with a 24/7/365 supply of 100% reliable, clean, dry air.

Benefits of DirectAIR® systems include:

Guaranteed 100% reliability
• A secure facility to prevent tampering
• Superior designs and operating expertise
• Engineering, electrical, foundation, rigging, condensate drainage, and piping installation, enabling you to spend your capital investment in other areas that help drive your top and bottom lines.
• Pre-manufactured; ready to run upon delivery

Purchasing DirectAIR® can solve your compressed air problems

Don’t invest time and money running multiple air compressors that may come with reliability issues and maintenance costs. With DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, customers purchase compressed air just like any other utility. What is unlike other utilities is that Air Technologies® guarantees 100% reliability without penalties.

A new DirectAIR® system can be installed on your property and become fully operational in a very short period of time. Customers almost immediately see energy and money savings—making costs lower than what customers had been paying annually before using DirectAIR®.

Is DirectAIR® perfect for your bottom line? Contact us today to sign up for DirectAIR® service, and relax knowing that we will handle your air compressor needs.