Rest Easy With DirectAIR

100% reliable, worry free compressed air

DirectAIR® is a compressed air utility service that has been providing customers with a steady supply of 100% reliable, clean, dry air for more than 20 years.

Since 1995, Air Technologies® has supplied high-quality compressed air with more than 7 million hours of reliable operations. With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® owns, operates, monitors and maintains the compressed air generating sites.

What are the benefits of DirectAIR® compressed air utility service?

  • Guaranteed supply of quality air (clean, dry, oil-free air)
  • Lowest overall compressed air cost in the industry with no downtime
  • No capital outlay
  • No maintenance, repair, parts or rental costs
  • The latest in energy-efficient equipment and controls to significantly reduce electric bills
  • Eliminates oversite by plant personnel so 100% of their time can be focused on plant production
  • Frees plant floor space leaving more room for production space
  • DirectAIR® is a “fee for service” with flexible term lengths

DirectAIR® Can Solve Your Compressed Air Problems

Don’t invest time and money running multiple air compressors, or waste resources dealing with reliability issues and maintenance costs. With DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, customers purchase compressed air and receive a monthly bill for air and utility use — similar to gas, water and electric utilities.

After DirectAIR® installation, customers almost immediately see energy savings — up to 50% — making costs lower than what customers had been paying annually before using DirectAIR®.

Think DirectAIR® is perfect for your bottom line? Contact us today to bring DirectAIR® to your operation and relax knowing that we will handle your air compressor needs.