Rest Easy When It Comes to Your Compressed Air

Rest Easy When It Comes to Your Compressed Air

How Buying Compressed Air Solved the Problems of a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Are you experiencing any of these problems with your current air compressors?

    • High annual maintenance & repair costs (typically outsourced).
    • Excessive down time caused by unexpected compressor shutdowns.
    • High energy costs as a result of inefficient, modulating compressors.
DirectAIR – Compressed Air Utility Service
  • Repetitive compressor problems.
  • High condensate removal costs.
  • Impending equipment replacement and/or major overhauls.
  • Excessive maintenance on production equipment caused by intermittent water in air lines.
  • Periodic need for rental compressors.
  • Valuable plant floor space being taken up by air compressor equipment.

These are the problems one Tier 1 automotive supplier found themselves facing when they decided they needed to replace multiple air compressors that had major reliability issues and very high maintenance costs. Since replacing just one air compressor was like sticking your finger in a dyke, it made sense to step back and evaluate a more encompassing solution, DirectAIR® compressed air utility service.

ManagAir – Air Technologies

With DirectAIR®, compressed air utility service, customers purchase compressed air just like any other utility. What is unlike other utilities is that Air Technologies guarantees 100% reliability with penalties. The Utility Services Group developed DirectAIR® 15 years ago and has been providing compressed air “over the fence” to more industrial customers in the U.S. than anyone else. These unmanned compressed air generation sites are owned, operated, monitored and maintained by Air Technologies to provide 24/7/365 supply of 100% reliable, clean, dry air.

Air Technologies exclusive ManagAIR® control system monitors and controls the onboard equipment as well as compressed air pressure, flow, and dew point. If any equipment or performance abnormalities occur, ManagAIR® automatically contacts the DirectAIR® Service and Operations Team for an immediate response. The system is accessed remotely within minutes and the appropriate corrective action taken.

Benefits of DirectAIR Systems:

  • Guaranteed 100% reliability
  • Superior designs and operating expertise resulting in over 1.3 million hours of operation without a single continuous hour of low air pressure
  • “Plug n play” compressed air system: Delivered pre-manufactured, ready to run.
  • Secure facility to prevent tampering
  • Engineered to provide an ideal operating environment through all four seasons of the year – hot, humid summer days to sub-freezing winter temperatures.
  • Include the engineering, electrical, foundation, rigging, condensate drainage, and piping installation, enabling you to spend your capital investment in other areas that help drive your top and bottom lines.
  • Very flexible with additional CFM capacity that can be added in very short order.

After quantifying all of the associated compressed air related costs, a thorough financial evaluation including a Net Present Value cash flow analysis showed that DirectAIR® was the obvious choice for this Tier 1 customer. The monthly DirectAIR® cost is lower than all of the accumulated costs that the customer had been accustomed to paying for on an annual basis.

Once the system was approved and the agreement signed, it was fully operational in just two months and left the customer saying, “We are now resting easy when it comes to our compressed air supply.”

Learn more about how DirectAIR can help you get a 24/7/365 supply of 100% reliable, clean, dry air.