Customer Training Program

Free training for all Atlas Copco customers

This program is designed to educate our customers on the basic requirements of operating and maintaining your new GX & GA Atlas Copco air compressors. This class will also instruct you on how to achieve superior return on your investment and maximize operating efficiencies.

The training will take place at our corporate office and be conducted by Air Technologies® corporate trainers Matt Hall and Chris Hinderer, who will provide you with their knowledge from 50 years of combined experience servicing compressed air equipment. The class runs from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and includes lunch.

Expect to learn about:


  • Basic operation of oil flooded compressors
  • Control items (purpose, operation of, etc.)
  • Elektronikon control operation (setting parameters, reading and resetting shutdowns / warnings, checking saved data)

Basic Maintenance Requirements

  • Daily checks & weekly checks
  • Quarterly service requirements
  • Semi-annual and annual service requirements
  • Maintaining compliance on factory warranty programs

Impacts of Environmental and Operating Conditions

  • Identifying environmental and operating issues
  • Understanding the impact the environment and different operating conditions have on consumables (oil, oil filter, air filter, separator) and other maintenance items
  • Learning how to maximize compressor component life under severe environmental and operational conditions

Installation, Air System and Accessory Items

  • Factory installation guidelines
  • Air system checks
  • Quality air accessories

Contact us for more information on our training programs.