Reduce your compressed air related costs and risks with DirectAIR®

The experts at Air Technologies® know how troubling it can be when air quality is causing excessive costs and still not meeting compressed air needs. That’s why they developed the high-quality, 100% reliable, DirectAIR® compressed air utility service.

With this service, companies can relax knowing that DirectAIR® is handling all of their compressed air needs. Air Technologies® supplies, installs, operates and maintains a state-of-the-art modular compressed air facility outside of a company’s plant.

Air Technologies® equips the DirectAIR® facilities with the most energy-efficient Atlas Copco equipment, systems and controls available today to provide significant energy savings. In fact, Air Technologies®’ DirectAIR® sites have helped customers save upwards of 50% in energy costs.

See how Air Technologies® customers are saving with DirectAIR®

DirectAIR® supplies guaranteed, high-quality, clean, dry compressed air and bills customers a monthly utility use and consumption fee similar to what a manufacturer gets from other utility providers.

Are you ready to join in on the savings? Contact us today for your complete compressed air system needs!