Why Rebuild Your Air End?

Why Rebuild Your Air End?

Air End rebuilding, when done before a catastrophic failure, can be an economical way to extend the life of your oil flooded rotary compressor. The 3 key questions always asked when it comes to air end “expected” life and rebuilding are:

  1. “When do I know that my air end needs to be rebuilt?”
  2. “How do I prevent a catastrophic failure?”
  3. “How much does an air end rebuild cost?”


The life of a rotary screw compressor air end varies based on many factors. These factors include: manufacturer, application, environment, maintenance, oil type, and general operating parameters. The most critical factor is maintenance since the proper maintenance program can be established to overcome environmental, application, and operating condition factors. The best way to know “when” to have a running air end rebuilt will come from the results of performing a routine analysis of: oil samples, bearing vibration trends, bearing temperature trends, and air end temperature rise.

Preventing a catastrophic failure is best accomplished by a good maintenance program that includes oil sampling at regular intervals and bearing vibration analysis. Since oil flooded rotary compressors mix the incoming air with the oil during the compression cycle, it is vital that the incoming air is free from all contamination and chemicals. Contaminated oil must be prevented at all costs to protect the bearings and seals in the compressor air end.

Air end rebuild costs may vary depending on manufacturer, but in general a complete air end rebuild can be accomplished for 50% of the price of a new air end. Costs for removal and installation, rebuilding of the gear case, and consumable parts (oil, filters, etc.) should be considered in addition to the air end rebuild price when budgeting for a rebuild.

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