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Atlas Copco Blowers

Air blowers are the quick step to cost efficiency.

Ready to save money instantly at your plant? Compressed air blowers are the quickest method to increase the cost efficiency of a compressed air system, providing guaranteed, 100% pure air that complies with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification.

Air Technologies® energy-efficient Atlas Copco blowers require minimal maintenance. Whether you are in an industrial plant or operating in industries such as pharma, glass, cement, electronics and more, our low-pressure options blow away the competition.

Reliability 24/7/365

Eliminate downtime and increase continuous production. Atlas Copco’s ZS blower and ZE/ZA VSD compressors provide unparalleled reliability that increases profitability at your plant.

Energy-Efficiency Guaranteed

Air Technologies® selection of Atlas Copco blowers provide the highest air volume at the lowest energy consumption. Improve plant operations and reduce energy use by up to 30% with the ZS range of air blowers when compared with lobe technology. Variable speed drive technology boosts energy savings up to 35% with the ZE/ZA VSD line of blowers, which automatically adjust the compressed air flow with air demand.

Increase cost-efficiency in one easy step! Contact the experts at Air Technologies® and find the perfect air blower for your plant!

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