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Air Technologies® has a full line of products to fit your compressed air needs

Lubricated Air Compressors

AR Series (7.5 HP)

GX Series 2-11 (3-15 HP)

GA Series 5-11 (7.5-15 HP)

GA Series 5-11 VSD (7.5-15 HP)

GA Series 7-15 VSD+ (10-20 HP)

GA Series 11-30 VSD (15-40 HP)

GA Series 30-90 VSD (40-125 HP)

GA Series 90-160 VSD (125-200 HP)

GA Series 160+ and 200-315 (200-350 HP)

GA Series 200-500 (250-600 HP)

GAR Series 5-30 (7.5-40 HP)

GR Series 110-200 (150-250 HP)

Oil Free Compressors (Rotary Screw)
Atlas Copco

LF Series (Piston Units)

LFx Series (Piston Units)

SF Series (Scroll 2-20 HP)

ZE/ZA Series VSD (Low Pressure)

ZT/ZR 15-55 Series VSD (20-75 HP)

ZT/ZR 55-90 Series VSD (75-125 HP)

ZT/ZR 110-750 Series VSD (125-1000 HP)

ZB Series VSD (Blower)

Air Dryers & Filtration
Atlas Copco

FX 1-16 Dryers

FD Dryers

SD 1-7 Dryers

BD Dryers

MD Dryers

CD Series Dryers

DD, DDp, PD and QD Filters

Pneumatic Products

External Heated Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers – PHD Series

Blower Purge Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer – Series IBP

High-Volume Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer – PNC Series & ESR Series

Industrial Cooling Systems

Closed-Loop Dry-Type (CD) Cooling System

Closed-Loop Evaporative-Type (CE) Cooling Systems

Open Evaporative Cooling Systems (OE)

Closed-Loop Chilled-Water (CW) Cooling Systems

Closed-Loop Engineered (PCX) Cooling Systems

Heat Recovery (HR) Systems

Other Products

Vacuum Systems


Oil/Water Separators and Drain Valves

Receiver Tanks


Drain-All Products

MAXIGAS Nitrogen Systems