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Modified Atmosphere Packaging improves product quality and shelf-life

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), or “gas flushing” as it is also known, has become an increasingly popular technique used to easily and economically improve the product quality and shelf-life of fresh, preservative-free foods.

Using MAP, packaged foods are flushed with inert high-purity nitrogen that inhibits aerobic spoilage and oxidative deterioration by reducing the oxygen level of packaged food to below 1% so that it will look, feel, taste and smell as good as the day it was made. MAP improves product quality, contributes to fewer returns, and opens export opportunities in new geographic markets.

Nitrogen is primarily used to reduce the oxygen content within food packaging and to avoid product deterioration. Another important consideration for consumer brands is to use nitrogen as a filler gas to provide a pressurized atmosphere that prevents package collapse.

MAP is used in numerous products

  • Potato chips, corn and extruded snacks
  • Nuts
  • Edible oils—refining of palm and coconut oils
  • Coffee and tea
  • Powdered milk
  • Spices, pasta and other dried products
  • Grated cheese and other dairy products
  • Fruit juices and wine

MAXIGAS Nitrogen: A better choice for nitrogen gas flushing

MAXIGAS nitrogen is a safer, cost effective alternative to other nitrogen products. With a permanent on-demand nitrogen supply, it offers manufacturers increased control with no on-going costs, such as refills, order processing or delivery charges. It is safer than handling high-pressure nitrogen gas cylinders, and it requires minimum maintenance.

MAXIGAS nitrogen is constructed from pairs of extruded aluminum columns filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS) and operates on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle to produce a continuous stream of nitrogen gas from compressed air. Oxygen and other trace gases are preferentially adsorbed by the carbon molecular sieve, allowing nitrogen to pass through.

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