GHS 630-4800 (365-3000 cfm) Oil-Sealed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco has transferred its highly efficient and ultra-reliable screw compression technology to vacuum applications.

Atlas Copco GHS 630-4800 vacuum pumps
Providing up to 3,000 cfm of vacuum pumping performance across six models, the GHS series of vacuum pumps is ideal for critical applications in printing, electronics, plastics, packaging, woodworking, bottling, canning and similar exacting industries.

Robust Technology and High Reliability

  • Fitted with a modulating vacuum control valve at the pump inlet as standard
  • Operates at 71 dB(A) so it can be located alongside your machine in areas where people work
  • Runs with a 400,000 hour bearing life
  • Integrated oil pump ensures positive oil flow to bearings
  • Maintains clean lubrication to the element with spin-on oil filters

Outstanding Efficiency and Ease of Use

  • GHS rotary screw vacuum pumps outperform many other vacuum technologies in their operating pressure range
  • Available ready to use, with all the options you need
  • Highly efficient oil mist separator ensures a long operating life with a minimum number of service interventions
  • Fitted with generously rated motors making them last a lifetime
  • Supported by Air Technologies® vacuum pump technicians

Significant Energy Savings

  • Delivers performance greater than that required by the process
  • Saves energy in falling demand conditions by progressively lowering the pressure level at the pump inlet to below that experienced at the process
  • Adjusts machine settings automatically
  • Suppresses unnecessary stops/starts while catering to continuous fluctuations in demand, in turn minimizing wear
  • Longer life and less maintenance

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