HydroThrift Cooling Systems

Closed-Loop Engineered (PCX) Cooling System

The HydroThrift PCX packaged cooling system uses a plate and frame or a shell and tube type heat exchanger to cool equipment with a closed-loop using an external water source, such as plant process water, tower water, pond water or river water. The closed-loop may be filled with a water-glycol mixture, deionized water, city water or other clean heat transfer fluid.

Clean, Effective Design

HydroThrift PCX cooling systems assure that no entrained air, contaminants, air-borne dirt or chemicals from treated or untreated water, as in open or “once-through” cooling systems, are evident in your liquid cooled equipment. The HydroThrift PCX cooling system extends the service life of your production equipment by preventing scaling, liming, and corrosion on coils, water jackets and heat exchangers. This results in higher efficiency in your equipment, fewer repairs, less maintenance and downtime, and lower per hour operating cost. In operation, the highly engineered HydroThrift PCX cooling system efficiently controls flow, temperature and pressure, minimizing the costly inconsistencies found in external “once-through” cooling.

Easy Installation

The prepackaged unit, consisting of a pump, control panel and mounted heat exchanger, is delivered to you with built-in temperature and pressure gauges that monitor pump and heat exchanger inlet and outlet parameters. To install the unit, connect the external water source to the appropriate heat exchanger connections. Then join the piping from the heat load to the vent and surge tank and hook up the return line from the heat exchanger to the heat load. Simply connect the main power source to the control panel. Then fill the system with clean coolant through the convenient surge tank access.

HydroThrift PCX cooling systems provide continuous, high efficiency heat transfer and deliver it at less initial cost with better pay back than many other cooling systems.
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