HydroThrift Cooling Systems

Closed-Loop Chilled-Water (CW) Cooling System

HydroThrift’s industrial closed-loop chilled-water (CW) cooling systems are the solution for your most demanding equipment cooling requirements and severe environmental conditions. They’re made for water-cooled, heat-producing processes and equipment that require coolant supply temperatures below those possible with an evaporative-type cooling system or where makeup water is unavailable. They remove heat by supplying coolant from -10 to 90 degrees F at the most severe ambient design conditions. And they do this continuously, efficiently and with minimum maintenance.

Custom Made

The HydroThrift CW cooling system will be custom engineered to your application requirements for optimum efficiency and maximum cooling capacity. Reciprocating, scroll or screw refrigeration compressors will be selected to match the process requirements and ambient conditions. Refrigerant evaporators and condensers will be custom designed to operate over the varying capacity and atmospheric requirements.

HydroThrift chillers include heavy duty, industrial compressors; multiple condenser options including air-cooled or water-cooled that are mounted locally or supplied for remote installation; shell and tube or brazed plate evaporators; and custom engineered refrigeration control options to accommodate low ambient, high ambient and variable cooling capacity requirements. Automatic thermostatic controls provide accurate, constant temperatures despite varying cooling requirements and ambient conditions. Custom engineered CW cooling systems are complete with many standard features that others provide as options.

The vent and surge tank deaerates the water/glycol coolant to minimize oxidation of heat transfer surfaces and includes gauge glass, fill port, drain and vent valves. The CW system tank size is selected to provide an adequate reservoir of chilled fluid and avoid short-cycling the compressor(s) when process heat loads vary.

A rugged, close-coupled centrifugal pump provides a compact design. HydroThrift CW cooling systems eliminate couplings, alignment problems and attendant wear through the use of heavy-duty centrifugal pumps close-coupled to the motor. Pumps are equipped with mechanical seals. Pump capacities are typically rated at 100 feet head with higher pump heads available as conditions demand.

Custom engineering allows a wide-range of options including stand-by pumps with automatic switchover; stand-by compressors or chillers; alarm indication for low glycol level, low flow, high temperature, chiller monitoring and motor overloads; service valves; and disconnect switches.

System Monitoring & Control

Inlet and outlet gauges display pressure and temperature for continuous monitoring of the cooling system. The NEMA 12 or 4 electrical enclosure includes a sub-panel with motor starter protectors with integrated circuit breaker and overload protection for the pump, compressor and fan motors.

The NEMA also includes an off/on selector switch for circulating pump motors and an off/automatic selector switch for the thermostatically controlled chiller compressor(s) and fan(s). Indicating lights, programmable logic controllers and multiple alarm options are also common for your custom-engineered electrical controls.

Clean Efficiency

HydroThrift CW cooling systems are filled with a low-cost water/glycol mixture that is continuously circulated through a self-contained system. This eliminates the need to add or change the glycol coolant and prevents freezing. The pump and chiller control package regulates temperature, flow rates and heat exchange indefinitely. HydroThrift CW cooling systems are designed to provide years of trouble-free, low-cost service even in severe, hot environments with explosive hazards.

Similar to all HydroThrift closed-loop cooling systems, the CW system operates cleanly. There’s no entrained air, contaminants, air-borne dirt or chemicals from water treatment as in an open type or “once-through” water system. Production equipment efficiency and service life are greatly improved because scaling and corrosion on coils, water jackets and heat exchangers are prevented.


Pumps, electrical enclosure, vent and surge tank, piping, valves, gauges, wiring and safety controls are all completely factory assembled on a full-deck fabricated steel base. HydroThrift CW cooling systems utilize a compact pump package and either a water-cooled or air-cooled industrial chiller. Air-cooled chillers as large as 150 tons have been entirely mounted directly on the pump and control unit. The chillers come with refrigerant and are completely charged, piped and wired. Chillers from 1 to 500 tons refrigeration capacity are available for low, medium and high temperature applications.
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