HydroThrift Cooling Systems

Closed-Loop Evaporative-Type (CE) Cooling System

HydroThrift CE cooling systems maintain consistent equipment cooling for all water-cooled, heat-producing industrial processes and equipment with varying heat loads and environmental conditions. This thermostatically-controlled, heavy-duty CE cooling system removes heavy heat loads from machines and processes by supplying coolant economically within 10ºF of ambient wet bulb temperatures. And it does this continuously, efficiently and with minimum maintenance.

Hassle-Free Design

HydroThrift closed-loop evaporative-type cooling systems are two-component systems utilizing a compact pump package and a remote, evaporative-type heat exchanger. The pump and control unit is delivered to your site skid-mounted, prepiped and prewired for easy installation. CE cooling systems provide completely automatic operation and reliable control of temperature. The system is filled with a low-cost water/glycol mixture that is continuously circulated. Because it is a self-contained system, you won’t need to add or change the glycol coolant, which prevents freeze problems.

Clean System

As a closed-loop system, the HydroThrift CE cooling unit operates cleanly. There are no contaminants, air-borne dirt or chemicals from water treatment as in an open or “once-through” water system. This promotes long service life for your production equipment because scaling and corrosion in water jackets, coils and heat exchangers are prevented. The elimination of chemical and dirt build-up on heat exchanger and water jacket surfaces promotes efficiency and minimizes the cost of operation by greatly reducing repair maintenance and the associated downtime.

High Efficiency

The HydroThrift evaporative-type CE cooling system can obtain lower coolant temperatures than can dry-type closed-loop cooling systems, since the coolant temperature depends on the ambient wet bulb temperatures. The coolant temperature is controlled constantly within a limited range, which boosts system efficiency and minimizes the costly inconsistencies found in external “once-through” water cooling.

HydroThrift CE cooling systems continuously recirculate a low-cost water/glycol mixture, permitting economical, efficient cooling. There is a minimal need for make-up water to replace the evaporated water in the spray water system. The evaporative loss amounts to about 2 gpm for each 1 million BTU/hr, plus bleed.

Typical HydroThrift CE evaporative-type capacities range from 20 gpm to more than 2,000 gpm. To achieve even greater cooling capacities for your machine or process, HydroThrift can engineer systems combining its dry-type and evaporative-type cooling systems. Engineered systems can boost your cooling capacity even further.
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