HydroThrift Cooling Systems

Temperature-control your compressed air system

HydroThrift cooling systems provide solutions to many applications. HydroThrift is a world-wide supplier of packaged, closed-loop fluid heating and cooling systems. Its experience with a wide variety of industrial equipment cooling applications has enabled it to become a specialists in the design, engineering and fabrication of custom heating and cooling systems, whether it’s evaporative, dry air, shell and tube or plate and frame heat exchangers or a combination of cooling methods. HydroThrift inspects, tests and rebuilds all types of heat exchangers. Some Intercoolers and Aftercoolers are stocked, others have very short lead times and pricing that can be 75% less than new.

Find the HydroThrift product that’s right for you

Closed-Loop Evaporative-Type (CE) Cooling Systems

Closed-Loop Chilled-Water (CW) Cooling Systems

Heat Recovery (HR) Systems

Closed-Loop Dry-Type (CD) Cooling Systems

Open Evaporative Cooling Systems (OE)

Closed-Loop Engineering (PCX) Cooling Systems