External Heated Desiccant Air Dryer – PHD Series

Engineered drying and filtration systems are exclusively available through Air Technologies®

External Heated Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer

For decades, compressed air users have relied on Air Technologies® to design and engineer energy efficient compressed air systems. Now with the engineering specialists of Pneumatic Products, Air Technologies® offers a desiccant air dryer that reduces the cost of operation and improves the reliability of air driven processes.

The Atlas Copco PHD Series is engineered to deliver ISO 8573.1 air quality and reduce purge air consumption. That means -4 degrees F to -40 degrees F dew points are delivered automatically with the standard design. Imagine an automatic protection from freezing during winter and quality, dry air all summer long.

The guarantee that comes from Pneumatic Products superior state-of-the-art components yields the most energy efficient and reliable dryer in today’s competitive market.

Order the Jet Injection Option Package and manage the drying and regeneration cycles with precision for systems with variable air demands. HOW? Imagine the on-line tower continuing to dry the air stream until the “moisture front” is detected. Once it’s detected the switchover sequence begins.

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  • Soft-seated check valves for tight shutoff and durability
  • High-quality pressure gauges display left tower, right tower, and purge pressure
  • Towers filled with extra, high-grade activated alumina to deliver superior performance
  • Low-watt density hearer saves energy and prevents premature desiccant aging
  • Heavy-duty air intake filter
  • Energy Management System – advanced microprocessor-based control
  • And More!
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