ZM (4-2,600 kW, 5-3,600 HP) Oil-free, Multi-stage Centrifugal Air Blower

Reliable air blower ideal for applications ranging from air to gas and pressure to vacuum

Atlas Copco ZM blower

Gain 24/7 Reliability

The ZM air blower has earned the reputation of being “the most reliable blower” in the industry. Its dependable technology and rugged design has proven itself in mining applications for many years.

Save Energy

The ZM blowers’ modern and innovative design allows for increased efficiency, while the wide product range and configuration options ensure the ZM can offer the best solutions possible to meet any need.

Minimize Maintenance

Service intervals are reduced to a minimum and maintenance is quick and simple. Maintenance points are easily accessible and basic repairs can be conducted with a minimum of time and materials, offering a low cost of ownership.

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