Atlas Copco ZB 100-160 VSD (100-160 kW, 135-215 HP) Oil-free, Variable Speed Drive Centrifugal Air Compressor Blowers

Guaranteed continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient and 100% oil-free air supply

Atlas Copco ZB air blower

Gain 24/7 Reliability

Eliminate downtime and increase profitability. Thanks to innovative magnetic bearings, low vibration turbo technology and integrated Variable Speed Drive, Atlas Copco ZB 100-160 VSD blowers provide exceptional reliability and production continuity.

Save Energy

The magnetic bearing design coupled with the turbo compression system provides the highest air volume at the lowest energy consumption. Enjoy extra energy savings with integrated Variable Speed Drive technology, which automatically tunes the compressed air flow precisely to air demand.

Ensure Product Safety

Only oil-free machines can rule out 100% of contamination risk. Atlas Copco ZB blowers provide you with 100% pure, clean air that complies with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification.

Minimize Maintenance

Enjoy minimal maintenance costs, few service interventions and long overhaul intervals. A compressed air blower will save you money year after year.

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