Oil-free Lobe Blowers

Atlas Copco ZL 2 and ZL 2 VSD (15-45 kW / 20-60 hp)

ZL blower

When starting up an air blower application, capital costs, maintenance costs and reliability are very important. The simplicity and proven design of Atlas Copco lobe blowers make them the perfect match for installations in harsh environments with limited need for supervision. By providing just the right amount of air requested by an application, the VSD units with integrated controller contribute to a smooth and cost effective operation.

Durable and reliable source of oil-free air

Operation in high-ambient temperature environments or at high altitudes is not an issue for ZL blowers. The cooling system and integrated safety and start-up valve contribute to trouble-free operation during the lifetime of the blower.

User friendly operation

Integrated VSD controller with Elektronikon® Mk5 panel provides user-friendly operation and total observance of blower condition. The Elektronikon® unit controller is specially designed to maximize blower performance under a variety of conditions. Optimizer 4.0 takes charge of the management of your full blower room. Key benefits are increased energy-efficiency by lowering energy consumption, reduced maintenance times and less stress — for both you and your entire air system

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