Atlas Copco GA 160+-315 VSD Rotary Screw Compressors

The highest reliability at the lowest operating costs

Atlas Copco GA 160+ and 200-315 lubricated air compressor

The shortest route to maximizing your profitability is to minimize your operational cost. As energy consumption is the major factor (up to 70%) of a compressor’s lifecycle cost, the Atlas Copco GA 160+-315 (VSD) compressors are designed to help you achieve significant savings. The compressors provide high-quality compressed air to meet requirements even in the most demanding applications.

Reducing your operating costs

The GA 160+-315 (VSD) provide maximum output at the lowest energy consumption. They will reduce your energy bill and your carbon dioxide emissions and offer the right combination of core technologies and Atlas Copco design and manufacturing experience. Generous cooling capacity, low pressure drop and a highly efficient drive train ensure optimum operation over a long lifetime.

Ensuring your peace of mind

The GA 160+-315 (VSD) optimize uptime by keeping your production running, 24/7. The highly advanced controller ensures optimum operation by controlling all compressor inputs and outputs.

Easy installation and service

Easy to install, the ‘all-in-one’ package includes all the necessary equipment. There are no hidden costs, nor any extra devices to install. Ducting is easy for increased flexibility. Service cost is reduced to a minimum: all parts are easily accessible via large opening doors, consumables are long-lasting, and service operations are easy and safe to perform.

Protecting your production

With its integrated dryer, the GA FF (Full Feature) provides dry compressed air (pressure dewpoint of +3°C/37°F), while ensuring the lowest pressure drop and minimal installation costs. This compact package offers fully integrated functionalities such as saver cycle control that regulates the dryer at optimum capacity. Each compressor comes with a standard integrated Water Separator Drain to remove 100% of condensate.

Maximizing your profitability

As there is no “one size fits all” concept, Atlas Copco has developed a range of features and options to optimize the use of a compressor: from running the machine at high temperatures, to extra safety devices. Our highly skilled engineering team can develop a customized compressor based on your specific needs.

Rely on the experts at Air Technologies® for all your compressed air needs.