Atlas Copco Oil-free Low Pressure Air Compressors

ZE/ZA 2-6 (1-4 bar(e)/14.5-58 psig) (30-522 kW/40-700 hp)

Atlas Copco ZE ZA 3-6 and ZE4 VSD Oil-Free Air Compressor

As the cornerstone of many production processes, low pressure compressed air is essential to keep production going. Atlas Copco’s full range of oil-free, low pressure air compressors and compressed air solutions offers a combination of high reliability and energy efficiency, providing a 100% certified supply of oil-free air for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

Keeping your process up and running

Especially in harsh and dusty environments, a reliable supply of compressed air is critical to ensure process continuity. Every ZE/ZA is designed, manufactured and tested to comply with ISO 9001 certification. The totally enclosed IP55 motor is built to ensure continuous operation and exceptional reliability in dusty and humid environments.

Driving down energy costs

Energy costs can amount to 80% of the Life Cycle Costs of a compressor. The generation of compressed air can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity costs. Fully compliant with ISO 14001 standards, the ZE/ZA range helps to reduce costs: the IE3 / Nema premium efficiency motor and compression element with Teflon rotor coating and cooling jackets provide the highest air volume at the lowest energy consumption. The integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology offers approximately 35% extra energy savings by automatically tuning compressor flow to the required air demand.

Protecting your reputation and production

In virtually any application, oil contamination of the air supply causes serious productivity issues and increases costs. As the first manufacturer to receive ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification for its oil-free air compressors, Atlas Copco has set a new standard in air purity. Focusing on the protection of critical applications as well as today’s increasing quality demands, Atlas Copco offers TÜV-certified 100% oil-free air.

Easy installation

Delivered ready for use, ZE/ZA compressors come as all-in-one packages including a powerful controller and optional integrated aftercooler. The complete scope of supply eliminates the need for extras and reduces installation to an absolute minimum, saving time and money. Built for easy integration in an existing compressed air network, the ZE/ZA compressors are up and running in no time.

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