Atlas Copco GR 110-200 (150-250 HP) Air Compressors

Built for high pressure air application, the new two stage GR is not only a work horse but also offers all the features and benefits the GA series is renowned for

Atlas Copco GR 110-200 Lubricated Air Compressor

The Atlas Copco GR 110-200 Lubricated Air Compressor series is a two stage, oil-injected screw compressor designed for higher pressure air application from 13 bar up to 20 bar.


  • 255-442 l/s (541-937 cfm) for 13 bar version
  • 211-385 l/s (447-816 cfm) for 20 bar version
  • 13 and 20 bar version
  • 110-200 kW (150-270 hp)
  • 72-78 dB(A) depending on model

With a two stage design, both low and high pressure elements are built onto the gearbox driven by a highly efficient TEFC electric motor (IP-55, Class F insulation), guaranteeing the most efficient operation at higher pressure.

Also available as a Full Feature version, the new two stage GR incorporates a refrigeration type air dryer. With an optional filter that can also be integrated, the two stage GR comes as a complete compressor package installation.

The new two stage GR Full Feature is a complete and efficient package compressor for applications where higher pressure air is required.