Compressed Air Blowers

ZS 4, ZS 4 VSD and ZS 4 VSD+ (37-90 kW / 50-120 hp)

ZS 4 blower

Energy costs can add up to 80% of the lifecycle cost of a blower. That’s why Atlas Copco constantly develops new blower models, consuming a minimum level of energy, such as the ZS VSD+. The Atlas Copco oil-free screw blower element is driven by the in-house developed liquid cooled permanent magnet motor. Combined with the Neos VSD inverter, this successful energy-efficient variable speed driven solution runs trouble-free in the harshest environments. With the ZS VSD+ there is no need to worry about process uptime and no hidden surprises will occur when receiving the energy bill at the end of the month.

Most energy-efficient variable speed driven blower in the market

Atlas Copco took again a next step in the development of energy-efficient low-pressure solutions. The introduction of integrated permanent magnet motors results in the most energy-efficient variable speed driven oil-free screw blower in the market.

Durable and reliable design

Every design choice is driven by composing reliable and durable solutions. The permanent magnet motor housing is foreseen with a liquid cooled jacket to keep it cool in any circumstances. The oil pump is fully integrated ensuring exactly the right amount of cooled oil to the bearings and gears. Transmission from motor to screw element happens over a gearbox.

Ensured process uptime

Start securing your process quality and process uptime by selecting the highest guarantee on pure, 100% Class 0 certified oil-free air delivery.

Total solution packages that fit easily in your blower room

With the ZS and ZS VSD+ you get a compact Plug & Play blower solution that will fit in an existing blower room. The design is flexible when it comes to the installation setup; maintenance and inspection can be done from front and back, so you are free to install them side-by-side. The blowers can be installed outside in tough environments, allowing ambient conditions with temperatures up to 50°C/120°F.

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