Duplex Horizontal Tank Mounted

Atlas Copco AR duplex horizontal tank mounted two stage oil lubricated piston compressors

Performance and Reliability

Duplex, Horizontal, Mounted Two-Stage
10-20 HP / 175 psi

The AR duplex units are constructed with two compressor pumps and a highly-efficient, lead-lag control system. These compressors will meet your extra demand and can double the lifetime of your compressed air system—giving you unmatched energy savings and decreased energy costs.

  • Twin-mounted compressor set for efficient lead-lag control
  • Dual-pressure switches and alternator
  • Running hours that are balanced for equal lifetime
  • Both can operate when needed to give a maximum output at 20 HP
  • Single-phase is available for up to 15 HP
  • Start-stop pressure switch control
  • Standard, two-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty

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