FX Series

Atlas Copco FX Series refrigerated air dryers

Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers FX Series

The FX range of refrigerant dryers offer a reliable, cost-effective and simple solution. To avoid condensation and therefore all chance of corrosion and damage, the compressed air needs to be dried, which is exactly what the FX units are designed to do. These simple, reliable units remove water from the air and the risk from your system, ensuring that your money doesn’t just disappear into the air.

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ImageNameTypeHPCFMPSITank SizeDryerPriceBuy
FX4N (E0) ACUL 115V1PH60 FC $1,498.00 Add to cart
FX6N (E1) ACUL 115V1PH60 FC $1,829.00 Add to cart
FX9N (E2) ACUL 115V1PH60 FC $2,211.00 Add to cart
FX14N (E3) ACUL 115V1PH60 FC $2,621.00 Add to cart
FX21N (E6) 115/60-F-FC $3,262.00 Add to cart
FX31N (E6) 115/60-F-FC $4,056.00 Add to cart
FX41N (E7) 115/60-F-FC $4,744.00 Add to cart
FX48N (E7) 115/60-F $5,187.00 Add to cart
FX61N (E7,5) 115/60-F $5,787.00 Add to cart
FX69N (E8) 115/60-F $6,351.00 Add to cart