Personal care company’s energy efficiency earns it $44,365 in energy rebates


Personal care company’s energy efficiency earns it $44,365 in energy rebates


The Air Technologies® ManagAIR® compressor control and monitoring system helped a personal care company annually save $32,387 and earn $44,365 in energy rebates.

The customer had seven modulating compressors at its facility. The compressors were located in two separate compressor rooms, three stories above the main plant. The customer wanted to improve the efficiency with its current system and obtain the ability to control and monitor its compressor system remotely.

Air Technologies® conducted an air audit to determine the areas where the customer could improve its efficiency. It recommended the ManagAIR® solution to remotely monitor and control the compressed air system. ManagAIR® reduces maintenance costs and minimizes unscheduled downtime by sequencing air compressors at peak efficiency—no matter where they are installed in the plant.

After installing ManagAIR®, the customer saved 8,532 kilowatt hours per week, which equates to an annual $32,387 in energy savings. The energy savings also qualified the customer for a $44,365 energy rebate from its local electric company. The customer is happy and claims the system is more efficient than what Air Technologies® originally projected.

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