Customer Service Agreements

Take part in outstanding equipment experiences

Air Technologies® offers a wide variety of preventive maintenance agreements to suit each customer’s needs and provide them with an outstanding user experience with their equipment.

Air Technologies® Customer Service Agreements (CSA) result in

  • Lower costs—fewer breakdowns and less interruptions in your production
  • Added value—equipment serviced by factory-trained technicians utilizing factory OEM spare parts
  • Extended life—well maintained equipment that lasts years longer

Basic Preventive Maintenance CSA

The Air Technologies® Basic CSA is designed to complement your own maintenance capability and insure the minimum manufacturers’ recommendations are performed. It includes scheduled visits to perform preventive maintenance and inspections. It also provides data readings and recommendations to keep your compressor system running effectively and efficiently.

3-Star Preventive Maintenance CSA

The Air Technologies® 3-Star CSA includes all the Basic preventive maintenance services with the addition of MonitAIR®. We remotely monitor your compressor 24/7 to anticipate problems before they can cause damage. This is a necessity for critical applications where there is no back-up or your compressor is in a remote location. ManagAIR® is required for the 3-Star CSA.

5-Star Preventive Maintenance CSA

The 5-Star CSA is a complete maintenance system. It includes all the required preventive maintenance plus the repair and rebuild of the compressor control items. With the Bumper to Bumper warranty option, all air compressor maintenance and repairs are included to provide a “fixed cost” of yearly operation. Control item rebuilds include: oil stop valve. intake/unloader valve, regulator/vent valve, discharge check valve, and thermostatic valve.

Full Responsibility Warranty

The Full Responsibility CSA includes all preventive maintenance, like the 5-Star CSA. It offers 24/7 monitoring of critical operating parameters like the 3-Star CSA. This warranty option covers all repairs and rebuilds of compressed air components. It’s available at a fixed yearly cost with all parts, labor and travel expenses included.

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