Oversized Compressed Air System Replaced to Save More Than $10,000

Oversized Compressed Air System Replaced to Save More Than $10,000


Air Technologies® recently helped one of its customers find a simplified compressed air solution for its plant, saving the company more than $10,000 in energy costs in the first year after installation.

After upgrading and optimizing the processes of its plant, Logan Todd Regional Water Commission contacted Air Technologies® to see if its current air compressor system was the best option available. The Air Technologies® team visited its plant and conducted an air audit to examine air flows and find the best solution for the customer. After the audit, Air Technologies® found Logan Todd was using significantly less air than it was before the plant upgrades, and its current 60 Horsepower (HP) air-compressor system was oversized.

Air Technologies® suggested downgrading its compressed air system to a smaller, more cost- and energy-efficient system. The customer agreed. Air Technologies® recommended an Atlas Copco GA 22 Variable Speed Drive (VSD+) with Full Feature (FF) variants, which runs on 30 HP. This rotary screw air compressor with dryer is 50 percent more efficient than other units.

Since installing the new air compressor, Logan Todd is projected to save $11,427 in annual energy costs and earned a $15,236 energy rebate. Despite the cost of purchasing a new unit, the customer will see a return on investment (ROI) within 12 months. The customer has already reported a drastic decrease in its electric bill since the installation of the new unit.

To learn how you can increase your plant’s cost efficiency or qualify for energy rebates, contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer!

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