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Reduce Energy Consumption

Atlas Copco’s new machines are optimized for energy efficiency, reliability, and air quality, with a focus on lowest life cycle costs.

Dryer Solutions

The MDG is the only dryer on the market that can deliver a guaranteed Pressure Dew Point of -40 degrees Fahrenheit!

On Demand Controllers

The Elektronikon MK5 can be run from your smartphone and the Optimizer 4.0 can be accessed via the web, allowing users to monitor and analyze their compressed air system anytime, anywhere!

Advanced Blowers

The ZS delivers 10% energy savings, 30% increased flow rate, 25% higher maximum pressure, and reduces blower footprints by 50%! Optimize your operation with the ZL, a reliable blower with a traditional element design and integrated Elektronikon controller, or the no-nonsense, ZE blower, which offers a robustness for dusty and harsh environments combined with market-leading energy efficiency.

Air Compressor Innovation
Built for Efficiency and Energy Savings

Atlas Copco z-series compressors

New Models and Features!

The Z-Series Compressors meet Class Zero Certification — zero risk of contamination, unsafe products or losses from operational downtime. The rotary tooth and screw air compressors include some new models and features:

  • The ZR Range — The five new ZR VSD+ compressor models feature a compact footprint that can save 20% floor space and two NEOS drives to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • The ZT Range — The ZT range, available in fixed or variable-speed drive, uses state-of-the-art screw technology, cooling and pulsation dampers and offers fixed speed IE4 motors.

Improved Performance

The GA VSD+ series of oil lubricated air compressors give you the ultimate in energy efficiency due to Atlas Copco in-house designed and manufactured rotary screws and a new compressor element that delivers improved performance and maintenance free motors.

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