New Compressor Helps Manufacturer Improve Plant Operations

An automotive auction house based out of Indiana was experiencing productivity issues due to an old air compressor that kept shutting down during critical hours of operation. Because the manufacturer was unable to service the air compressor, there was an increase in downtime at the plant. In search of solutions, the manufacturer contacted the experts at Air Technologies® for answers.

After careful evaluation, Air Technologies® installed a new, high-efficiency air compressor at the manufacturer’s plant. Additionally, they serviced the old air compressor and installed it as a backup compressor at the manufacturer’s facility. Air Technologies® also established a preventive maintenance agreement to ensure the new compressed air system is always operating at 100% to maximize uptime and reliability.

The customer is incredibly satisfied with their new compressed air system. The new compressor has increased efficiency and decreased production loss. In addition, storage from the backup air compressor has helped the manufacturer meet its production demands. They are pleased with the results and look forward to big savings in the future.

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