Never worry about purchasing compressed air equipment again

DirectAIR compressed air utility

With DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, Air Technologies® installs a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility in our own building at your site. We will own, operate and maintain this facility and supply a steady stream of high quality compressed air, guaranteed.

With DirectAIR®, you can relax knowing that all of your compressed air needs are handled.

  • No more rentals
  • No more untimely breakdowns
  • No more costly repair services
  • No more compressed air headaches
  • Just worry-free, 100% reliable, clean, dry air 24/7/365

Eliminate the time you and your personnel spend on compressed air issues and start focusing on what you do best — your product.

Could DirectAIR® compressed air utility service be a cost-saving solution for your facility? Contact an Air Technologies® sales engineer today!