Never Buy Compressed Air Equipment Again

Purchase air like gas, water or electricity
Are you facing a large, upfront capital investment to replace your current compressed air system? Instead, consider the benefits of the DirectAIR® compressed air utility service from Air Technologies®:

  • No capital outlay for compressor equipment — With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® owns, installs, operates and maintains all compressed air equipment and systems.
  • Improved plant space — With DirectAIR®, Air Technologies® installs a remote state-of-the-art compressed air facility at a customer’s site, freeing up extra space in the plant.
  • Increased productivityDirectAIR® eliminates time spent on compressed air issues so manufacturers can focus on production, plant productivity and end results.
  • DirectAIR® provides a guaranteed supply of consistent, superior, compressed air.

With DirectAIR® as a fourth utility, Air Technologies® charges a monthly fee based on compressed air consumption and utility use similar to natural gas or electricity suppliers.

Is your operation ready to eliminate
compressed air equipment capital expenditures?

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