ModulAIR® and ManagAIR® Reduce Downtime and Cut Energy Usage

A family-owned, private label manufacturer was dealing with costly maintenance repairs at its Sandusky, Ohio, facility due to faulty oil-injected screw compressors. The company, committed to the highest levels of food safety and quality, was dissatisfied with the system as the oil was passing downstream and contaminating the products.

The manufacturer reached out to Air Technologies® for a solution.

Air Technologies® suggested two Atlas Copco ZT37 oil-free air compressors with integrated dryers to replace the underperforming oil-injected compressors. Atlas Copco ZT37 oil-free air compressors are designed to prevent contamination in production facilities, eliminating the risk of unsafe products or losses from operational downtime.

Because the manufacturer had limited floor space, Air Technologies® installed the compressors within a ModulAIR® system — a completely engineered and assembled compressed air plant that’s housed outside and onsite. The system includes all of the necessary accessory components and is ready to operate upon installation. The ModulAIR® system is controlled with ManagAIR® software, the state-of-the-art computerized system by Air Technologies® that centrally monitors and controls compressed air systems 24 hours a day.

The manufacturer’s new and improved compressed air system has helped the facility reduce downtime and decrease maintenance costs. The efficient air compressors and the addition of ManagAIR® have resulted in a reduction in energy usage.

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