Metal Stampings and Assemblies Supplier Reduces Air Compressor Noise, Improves Use Space with DirectAIR®

A new DirectAIR® system from Air Technologies® helped a metal stampings and assemblies supplier increase efficiency and reliability.
DirectAIR Facilities

New Center Stamping — made famous in the movie “8 Mile” — offers a wide range of stamped components and welded assemblies. Their production highly depends on access to a reliable source of compressed air. If the source for compressed air is lost and cannot be immediately restored, production ceases and workers are sent home until it’s back up and running.

The company’s existing compressed air system was decades old, dating as far back as the 1920s. Air Technologies® teamed up with The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan and performed an extensive air audit. The quantity of air needed for full production was calculated and a customized DirectAIR® solution was created. The New Center Stamping staff no longer worries about compressed air downtime or the previous compressed air system interfering with production. New Center Stamping now pays only for the quantity of compressed air used, and is thrilled with the additional benefits DirectAIR® offers beyond maintaining 100% reliable, clean, dry compressed air.

Noise reduction

The DirectAIR® compressed air utility service was installed in Air Technologies®’ own building outside of the New Center Stamping facility, significantly reducing the noise level within the plant.

Computer-controlled air consumption

The DirectAIR® solution provided a significant reduction in electrical use with computer-monitored air production, resulting in optimal air volume with no excess waste and about a 60% reduction in the company’s electric bill to run their compressors

Improved use of plant floor space

The former compressed air equipment was removed, freeing up extra space in the plant. The added space allowed New Center Stamping to create additional production capacity.

Offsite equipment observation

The DirectAIR® equipment is constantly monitored offsite and an automated system alerts DirectAIR® technicians when there’s a problem. The DirectAIR® technicians show up for service before the New Center Stamping staff are even aware that a problem may have developed.

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