Maximize Production and Lower Operating Costs.

With DirectAIR®, manufacturers experience a steady supply of reliable compressed air.

At Air Technologies®, the long-term satisfaction of our customers is always top priority. This is why with DirectAIR®, we install the best compressed air equipment for the long haul and monitor and maintain it so that it is always in peak operating condition. DirectAIR® utility service is a compressed air solution that will last a lifetime. So don’t settle for worn-out, unreliable equipment that needs to be replaced — choose the forever solution your plant can trust!

You’ll love these additional long-term benefits!

  • Reliability Guaranteed — The numbers don’t lie. DirectAIR® utility service has supplied companies with more than 10 million hours of continuous, reliable operations.
  • Energy EfficiencyDirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most efficient equipment and controls, typically saving customers up to 50% in annual energy costs — making them eligible for energy rebates worth thousands.
  • Scalable and FlexibleDirectAIR® can increase or decrease based on your plant’s air consumption needs.

Your plant’s needs are #1! Contact Air Technologies® and let’s work together to make sure your compressed air needs are met today, tomorrow and in the future!